What To Wear On Kayak [Elaborated]

What to Wear on a Kayak A Brief Guide

Kayaking is a great way to get out on the water and enjoy the scenery, but it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion. In this brief guide, we’ll discuss what to wear on a kayak, depending on the weather conditions and the type of kayaking you’ll be doing.

So, What To Wear On Kayak?

What to Wear on a Kayak

When kayaking, it is important to wear clothing that is comfortable, breathable, and provides protection from the elements. For a base layer, wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants made from a synthetic material such as polypropylene or nylon. This will help to wick away sweat and keep you dry. For a midlayer, wear a fleece or wool sweater or jacket. This will provide additional warmth when the weather is cold. For a waterproof outer layer, wear a rain jacket or a drysuit. A hat and sunglasses will also help to protect you from the sun and wind.

Here are some additional tips for dressing for a kayak trip:

Wear layers that you can remove or add as needed.
Waterproof your gear.
Bring a change of clothes in case you get wet.
Wear comfortable shoes that you can get wet.

What to Wear on a Kayak

The Basics

When it comes to choosing what to wear on a kayak, the most important thing is to stay warm and dry. The water will quickly wick away heat from your body, so it’s important to wear layers that will help you retain your body heat. A good base layer made from wool or synthetic material will wick away sweat and keep you warm, even if you get wet. You can then add layers as needed, depending on the weather conditions.

For your outer layer, you’ll want something that is waterproof and windproof. A rain jacket or paddling jacket is a good option, as it will protect you from the elements. You may also want to consider wearing a dry top, which is a waterproof jacket that covers your torso and arms. A dry top can be a good option if you’re expecting to get wet, as it will keep your clothes dry.


When choosing footwear for kayaking, you’ll want something that will provide good traction and keep your feet dry. Water shoes or sandals are a good option, as they will allow your feet to breathe and won’t weigh you down. You can also wear neoprene booties, which will provide extra warmth and insulation.


A hat is a good idea to keep the sun off your face and protect your head from the elements. A brimmed hat will help to keep the sun out of your eyes, and a fleece hat will provide extra warmth.

Other Accessories

In addition to the basics, you may also want to consider a few other accessories to make your kayaking experience more comfortable and enjoyable. A pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun and glare, and a neck gaiter or buff can be used to keep your face warm and protected from the wind. You may also want to bring a waterproof bag to store your belongings.

When to Dress for the Weather

The best way to determine what to wear on a kayak is to dress for the weather conditions. If you’re kayaking in cold weather, you’ll want to wear layers that will keep you warm. If you’re kayaking in warm weather, you’ll want to wear lightweight clothing that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Final Tips

Here are a few final tips for choosing what to wear on a kayak:

Try on your clothes before you go kayaking to make sure they fit well and are comfortable.
Pack extra clothes in case you get wet.
Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen regularly.
Be aware of the weather conditions and dress accordingly.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your kayaking experience without having to worry about being too cold or too hot.

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FAQs: What to Wear on Kayak

What is the best type of clothing to wear kayaking?

The best type of clothing to wear kayaking depends on the weather conditions. In general, you should wear layers that you can easily remove or add as needed to stay comfortable. For warm weather, wear a swimsuit or rash guard with a lightweight, waterproof jacket. For cold weather, wear a long-sleeved, insulated jacket and pants, as well as a waterproof outer layer. You should also wear a hat and gloves to protect your head and hands from the sun and cold.

Do I need to wear a life jacket?

Yes, you should always wear a life jacket when kayaking. A life jacket will help you stay afloat if you capsize or fall into the water. It is also important to make sure that your life jacket fits properly and is snug against your body.

What shoes should I wear kayaking?

You should wear shoes that are designed for watersports. These shoes will provide traction on the slippery deck of a kayak and will protect your feet from rocks and other debris in the water. Some good options include water shoes, sandals, or neoprene boots.

What other accessories do I need?

In addition to clothing and shoes, you may also want to pack some other accessories for your kayaking trip. These items may include a waterproof bag for your belongings, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a whistle, and a first aid kit.

Where can I find more information about kayaking clothing and accessories?

You can find more information about kayaking clothing and accessories from a variety of sources, including online retailers, sporting goods stores, and kayaking clubs. You can also find helpful information by doing a search for kayaking clothing or kayaking accessories online.

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